QCS is the place where highly competent people along with innovative technology combine to bring you the best Call center services and Offshore BPO Services in the industry. We deliver wide range of services across industries.

How can we help you? Since Inception our focus has been to continually find innovative ways to help our clients "make profitable connections with their customers". Whether by traditional telephone based contact, emails, chats or web collaborations, we make the most of every contact we make. You will find our staff responsive, reliable and innovative. Our turnover is low and our morale is high. A difference you and your customers will appreciate.

QCS astonishes in the sheer variety of services that it provides. You name it and it is there on the menu. Be it outsourcing solutions dealing with inbound/outbound calls or back office functions or remote PC help solutions, QCS excels in all departments. Our respective teams to handle this plethora of services are dedicated to the cause of your project. We take pride in the fact that we have the best relations with our clients and customers. QCS offers the best technological innovations and exploits these to optimize your resources and business. Our business development models streamline the flow of your resources, saving costs for you. Our prices are affordable and competitive, to say the least. We have budget-friendly packages that also amaze you with the quality of service.

QCS offers world class services in the field of outsourcing solutions, HR activities and internet marketing. We make sure our clients get real value for money and the kind of quality in services that they were looking for. We raise the bar each time we get a challenging project. We unlock business value by applying proven process methodologies and business excellence frameworks to significantly reduce costs, enhance effectiveness and optimize business processes.

Our business solutions and leadership have been recognized by several national and international forums. We are an equal-opportunity employer and continue to be regarded for our global people excellence practices.