Qdays stands for Quality Medical Holidays. We represent our clients, facilitating their relationship with our partners: from the clinics we collaborate with, to different accommodation providers. We make sure that each one of our clients gets the best deal available, while receiving excellent quality services. We pride ourselves with partnering the best dental and eye-care clinics in the area while ensuring every client coming through us benefits of discounted prices on medical treatment and accommodation.
    We also believe that a medical trip should be more than a visit to the doctor's. This is why we aim to offer an enjoyable experience - your only job on this trip will be learning to smile confidently once again. We take responsibility for everything from finding the right flight, to making sure that all your needs are met while you are with us.This is why we don't just offer you a standard holiday, but work with you and the doctors in setting up a fully customised schedule, designed with your needs in mind.    
    We do not represent one clinic, but rather are at the your disposal, finding the best suited doctor for the job, the best suited hotel for your stay and the most enjoyable activities for your holiday, while providing you with round-the-clock access to one of our representatives.

    We are a young and motivated team with an interest in health, tourism and culture, who strongly believe in customer focused, tailor-made, quality services.

    Given the fact that tourism and medical services have both reached a very high standard in Romania, this might be the perfect time for you to settle an important medical issue and explore this breathtaking destination - with striking mountains, mediaeval castles and royal palaces filled with history. Centred around Brasov, one of the major cities of Romania, Qdays not only connects you with the best medical clinics in the area, but also provides tailor-made tours and activities in this stunning part of Transylvania.

   Trained abroad, we are accustomed to the expectations of the international tourist, and with professional know-how gathered in the UK we ensure that all your needs are met, and that you are completely confident in the excellent medical services available. This is why we do not represent one clinic, but rather we represent you, in finding the right services thus saving you time and money and by turning your medical treatment into a holiday.