A better way to grow your dry cleaning and laundry business revenue. Smart tools for laundry & dry cleaning owners to manage their entire business and increase revenue. Laundry and Dry Cleaning businesses report 35% increase in revenue after using QDC software.
Quick Dry Cleaning Software offers tools to grow your Dry-cleaning; laundry business revenue with complete employee, customer; business management. Best suited for Single store; Multi stores, Factory management & Home pickup & delivery management.
Service more customers, automate your billing & garment tagging and stay ahead of the competition with our complete business management solution.
QDC is a one-stop solution for managing your multi-store laundry & dry cleaning business. Control and monitor all your stores and plants from a single location with ease.
Give your targets a reason to switch from their existing laundry provider and gain an edge over your competition.
Quick Dry Cleaning Software, a product of DC Web Services Pvt Ltd, is a complete business management solution for Dry Cleaning and Laundry businesses.