A general contractor has to wear many hats. They are the responsible for managing a project and making sure everything is running smoothly. We make sure here at Quality Home Remodeling Services that the General Contractors we employ know how to manage properly. They have to be organized and pay great attention to detail with any work that is being undertaken on a project. They must be in communication with all of our trades people at all times to arrange when a demolition crew has to come in. They work out are permits taken care of? If it’s a condo remodel is the HOA aware of the work being undertaken? Is all the material ordered and if so is there enough of it? This is just a snippet about what they need to think about, but! We always have a protocol to make sure if there is hold up with something, be it permits or material shortage we still have other work going on. In other words, we always have a plan B so there is no standing around or dead project time.