Who we are:

Qmarkets specialises in enterprise-grade collective wisdom software solutions. We enable organizations to improve their business results and reach better decisions while securing their employees’, customers’ and partners’ commitment.

Qmarkets enterprise grade Idea Management Software and Prediction Markets solutions offer companies a simple and effective way to tap into the collective genius within the organization, and improve their innovation process and results.

With an ever growing amount of installations globally, Qmarkets has been widely acknowledged as a technology and market leader in the field of idea management and prediction markets.

Our ground breaking products:

**Ideation 2.0 - Idea Management Software** - Our Idea Management Software, Ideation 2.0, allows companies to engage thousands of employees and customers in their innovation process.

Participants can contribute ideas, help improve ideas submitted by others, rate ideas and assist management in spotting the best ones.

Managers are provided with intelligent tools to manage this process in a cost-effective way, to analyze the results and measure the process, and to manage the company’s innovation pipeline.

Our rich experience over the years enables our customers to implement successful idea management campaigns that offer a clear ROI. Whether it is ideas for new products or services, cost reduction ideas, or innovative ways to improve company processes, your employees and customers hold the answer.

As part of the idea management software, we provide you with an intelligent tool to extract this answer, and identify those ideas with the best potential – those ideas you need to invest in.

**Prediction Markets** - Our prediction markets offer an ideal solution, providing your company with more reliable predictions regarding future company events, based on your employees’ collective intelligence.

Uses for prediction markets are simply endless – market research, risk management, demand planning, decision support and many more.

With Qmarkets prediction markets you can present to your audience a list of questions concerning future events, and let them provide you with a collective forecast for this event.

Why Qmarkets?

Four simple elements make companies of all sizes and industries embrace the Qmarkets solutions:

1. Simplicity – we provide elegant solutions that are easy to deploy and easy to use

2. Flexibility – being flexible is in our company’s DNA, and is reflected in our software
solution, that can easily be adapted to fit any innovation process and environment.

3. Return on investment (ROI) - through focused innovation and idea management within the organisation, tangible positive results can be achieved quickly, positively effecting the organisations bottom line.

4. Service – happy customers are our number one priority. Our sales and support team are extremely responsive and attentive, providing creative and precise solutions to even the toughest of our customer requirements