QOD COSMETIC USA is the United States division of QOD COSMETIC, an innovative, high-end cosmetics firm headquartered in Porto Allegre, Brazil.

We have one mission: to provide high-end hairdressers, salon owners, and beauty professionals in the U.S. and worldwide with the most technologically advanced, highest quality Brazilian Keratin products on the market today.
QOD Cosmetic

QOD COSMETIC’s Brazilian Keratin formulations were among the world’s first – and have always been the industry’s most advanced. QOD has maintained its own scientific research facility for many years, and has on hand some of the most highly developed machinery and chemical compounding capabilities in the industry. No U.S. company can measure up to QOD’s facilities or experience with keratin treatments.

Ten years ago, QOD COSMETIC was the first to create a reliable and professionally produced Brazilian Keratin product - QOD MAX - which quickly became the best selling formula in Brazil. The now legendary "Cocoa" essence craze begun by QOD MAX is still going strong all over the world. Luxury-quality QOD GOLD, introduced in 2009, was another break-through in the technology. It is made with a patented, 11-stage process which refines and concentrates ingredients to the maximum extent scientifically possible, processing 24-karat gold down to its smallest nano-particles. The gold is then able to permeate the hair to an unprecedented degree, working in tandem with the keratin to bring about a transformation no other product can match.

Never satisfied, QOD’s pioneering researchers continue to find innovative ways to capitalize on the transformative powers of keratin, operating on the absolute cutting edge of this technology. At QOD, we are committed to creating these extraordinary products for the highest levels of the beauty industry. We serve the keratin needs of master stylists who must consistently set themselves apart by providing their clients with the most luxurious quality and advanced services available.
QOD Cosmetic USA

As the Brazilian Keratin phenomenon has matured, there has been a correspondingly high rate of unlicensed sales, diversion, and counterfeit activity - particularly surrounding QOD products in the U.S. market. QOD COSMETIC opened its U.S. division - QOD COSMETIC USA - and its first U.S. web portal - www.qodusa.com - in order to provide beauty professionals in the U.S. with a reliable source for genuine QOD products direct from the manufacturer, protecting stylists and their clients from the risks posed by other sources. Click here to learn more...

At QOD COSMETIC USA, we are exceptionally proud of our products, and are committed to supporting them with incomparable customer service. A beauty professional who has purchased directly from QOD COSMETIC USA can look forward to ongoing product support, including one-on-one consultation, product analysis, instructional support, and full access to an exclusive, innovative education program that features advanced techniques developed in collaboration with master stylists across the country.

It’s all part of our mission. Our customers – and their clients – should expect nothing less.