Malabar Innovations is part of Assurant Solutions Group, based in Tampa, Florida and Kochi, Kerala, India.  We develop innovative new software applications and products using QR Codes, NFC codes, MEMS (microelectronic sensors), Cloud and Mobile phone apps for small and medium enterprises. Our QR Apps uses the no-cost QR Code to manage "people and things" such as employees and contractors as well as assets, equipment, inventory, etc.  

Our products allow customers to get a tremendous return on investment for a fraction of the price that big ERP systems cost. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, Lockheed, Bestbuy and so on, developing internal applications, but now we have turned our attention to developing products that are targeted to "millenials" and tech savvy crowd. We specialize in developing apps and products for smartphones and tablet PC's with cloud comptuting as the Backend. Check us out!