QRIntl has a presence in the international quality and patient safety healthcare consulting market as well as the area of healthcare information technology. QRIntl assists healthcare organizations to achieve results by improving and optimizing patient safety and quality of care efforts. Our consultants are seasoned experts in quality with extensive expertise and knowledge in Six Sigma, national and international (Joint Commission International) accreditation. They provide a diverse range of services including comprehensive educational programs, on-site consulting customized to meet the needs and goals of the client, and follow up services.

While there are a number of regional healthcare quality consulting companies, very few are truly working internationally. QRIntl’s ability to provide preparation for national and international accreditation simultaneously is cost effective and maximizes resources. To our knowledge, QRIntl is unique among the international companies in that all of the consulting services and written material are presented in the official language of the country.

In addition to healthcare organizations that wish to improve patient safety and quality of care, QRIntl has marketed its services to multinational corporations including large pharmaceutical companies and insurers. QRIntl first established itself in Latin America where it developed strategic alliances with public/private partnerships including the Cluster of Medicine and Dentistry Services Chamber of Commerce of Medellín for Antioquia in Colombia and a non-profit organization dedicated to health research and education, the Institute for Clinical Effectiveness and Health in Argentina. QRIntl is currently providing services in Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

QRIntl has a cooperative agreement with Gesaworld Group, an international consultancy group headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, specializing in health service and social sector improvements.