qrmemento.com is a way for the future to remember the past. Those people, places and events that once were part of who we were are stored on a mobile web-site page as a keepsake passing from one generation to the next. The achievements, celebrations, the solemnities of life are recaptured. The good times, falling in love, the bouncing of a ball or a baby are accessible with a smartphone to friends and relations, visitors and guests, even passers-bys, at any location you choose.
Quick Response codes [QR's] are suitable for any commemorative occasion or event, as well as for memorial and historical locations and special purposes. A smart phone uses its camera and a QR reader application to access specific pages on a website configured for smartphone users. Like other web pages, the QR mobile pages contain text and graphics, which describe or characterize a subject: be it a person, occasion, event, or keep sake, with any information desired at the QR mobile web site.