I started this company two years ago. During that time I was having a lot of difficulty in both finding painting work as well as performing the job myself. Not to mention all of the other hats of accounting, web-development, marketing, and more. During that time I noticed a gap in the marketplace.

The First Gap – Hard workers need consistent work – we aim to provide it

There are new painting companies started every day. Honest, hardworking men and woman who want to better themselves go and start out on their own only to fail because they do not have the consistent flow of work. There are great workers out there who get defeated and leave the painting industry all together.

I knew that I could be the answer to that. I purposed to provide work for as many honest, hard working painters in the East Texas area that I could. I was one of those painters struggling to make it. So, I know all too well how it feels to try and fail in the painting world. So, I wanted to provide a company that could answer this problem by providing consistent paint work to top performing painters in the area. This is one of my company’s major why’s.

The Second Gap – There are a LOT of bad painters out there providing poor experiences to clients – We aim to change that bad reputation one job at a time

There is also bad paint work done everywhere. I cannot tell you how many jobs I have seen that have gotten overspray on the roof, prep work not done properly, or deposits paid by clients only for the contractor to never show up and perform the work at all.

This is our companies second big WHY? We are here to make sure our clients have a great experience with their paint job. We do this in three main ways:

We make sure to hire good, quality contractors for our projects.
We strive to provide excellent client communications – we don’t want you in the dark about what is going on with your project
We want our prices to be fair for everyone – for our clients, for our contractors, and for our company – we believe in win, win, win relationships!

We’d like you to help us achieve this mission. Help us provide consistent work to our contractors and be yet another one of our satisfied clients.

How can we earn your business?