For more than 20 years, Quality Life Center has been enriching the lives of youth in extremely underserved areas of Lee County.  The afterschool program always includes an academic component as well as the opportunity to learn skills in art, music, martial arts, computer technology, media arts and athletics. Programs at the Q are designed to promote leadership and instill values which will serve the youth of the community into adulthood.  Children learn manners and respect for themselves and others.  

Quality Life Center provides services to the entire family to help them become strong, healthy and self-sufficient. We offer preschool and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK). Our preschool utilizes the Creative Curriculum to provide the children of our community with a solid academic foundation.  Our social services department provides counseling, parenting classes and referrals to families.  Quality Life Center has a free job development/personal enrichment program to help adults overcome obstacles and become productive and self-reliant.