QUANTA will run the first cryptocurrency exchange operating on a decentralized blockchain, where the community can extend its network, contribute to the blockchain development, and vote over coins listings, and roadmap.

QUANTA (quantadex.com), a Silicon Valley-based team comprised of members from prominent companies such as eBay, PayPal, and Netflix, is announcing that it will offer crowdsale of $50 million in QUANTA Coins. The funds will be leveraged to continue the development and the launch of the public decentralized exchange and blockchain.

“We believe in the center of this new world economy, a new kind of cryptocurrency exchange will play a critical role.  Moreover, a community-driven decentralized exchange will truly address the security and the complex regulatory environment.” - QUANTA Whitepaper

To bring forth the vision, QUANTA Foundation, a non-profit organization (NGO), will be raising the ICO with the mandate to promote and nurture the growth of the network. The development team based in Silicon Valley is tasked with developing the core platform, the exchange user interface, mobile apps, and APIs.  The team has decades of experience building large scale e-commerce, payment, and internet-consumer platforms. Security, speed, scalability, flexibility, and usability of the exchange platform continue to be the focus for the team.

As QUANTA team continues to deliver the platform, the QUANTA Foundation will continue to involve the community.

Traders -  Provide feedback to improve the trading platform and to add new features and new apps.

Voters – Coin listing and delisting, roadmap & features, will be driven by the community voting process.

Network operator - Earn % of the trading fee based on the volume & latency of trades executed on their server.

Coin holders - Trading fees are distributed back to the network coin holders.

Blockchain Developers -  Extend the platform functionality via Github PR and network upgrades.

App Developers - Take part in building new & interesting features for traders, and earn QUANTA coins based on installs and usage from users.

Recently, QUANTA experienced an overwhelming demand and excitement from the community after launching their pre-registration, which generated over 100,000 registrations in over 5 days from over 160 countries. They are currently open for public registration for everyone, at quantadex.com.


QUANTA is the world’s first community-driven decentralized exchange. Their mission is to run the first cryptocurrency exchange operating on a decentralized blockchain, where the community can extend its network, blockchain development, and vote over coins listing and roadmap.  For more information about QUANTA, ICO, and white paper, visit quantadex.com