Quantrex Research provides consulting and analytical services for government agencies, defense and security organizations, and international corporations.   Development of solutions to large scale, complex social and economic problems.  Macro program development designed to address broad based socially complex problems.
Quantrex Research has developed the Family Managed Health Care System which offers a unique perspective on redressing how families received health care services and redefines the methods that providers and employers get paid and meet the obligations required by families.   The system is entirely private sector operated and reduces the State and Federal government roles to individual compensation for employees, retirees and entitlement program participants.
This plan was presented to the US Congress House Republican Policy Committee in December 2007.  
Quantrex Research is also the force behind the development of the International Citizens Trust.  The trust is being developed to address the issues that confront developing nations and transitional economies by countering the corruption and complex social issues that evolve into civil unrest.  This program originally developed to address the reconstruction of Iraq following the war.  While the National Security staff opted to not implement it fully.  The potential for implementation in failed nation states remains the focus for implementation.
Quantrex Research assists US manufacturers in penetrating markets in difficult markets of the Middle East, and developing economies.