We supply our royal shoppers with high quality bra's, bra sets, lingerie, robes, pajamas and more. We are a growing small business who aims at those who are comfortable in their own skin, those who want to spice up their relationship/marriage and of course for those who just want to feel sexy and look sexy. Why shop Queen Affair for your intimate needs? Because Women are Queens and every Queen deserves Romance!
Here we dedicate ourselves to beautiful, self-fulfilled women, who know what they want and know's how to go get it.

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Quality- We carry the best lingerie from great suppliers who understand the demand and wants from our loyal customers. If you are not completely satisfied, we offer our a fair return policy, created to meet your needs.
Care- We care about your experience. Please email us with opinions, suggestions and any other information as all information is of value. All feedback is welcomed.
Low prices- Save big by shopping here with us.
Communication- We will try our best to reach out and answer all information that we receive from our customers. Feel apart of our royal family.
QueenAffair- Every women is a Queen and every Queen deserves Romance ❤