Most companies realize customers are their most precious resource. They take care to produce quality customer experiences across all touchpoints. Effective communications are a critical to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Unfortunately, in highly regulated industries customer communications are often less than effective. Kluged together communications produced in legacy Customer Communication Management (CCM) systems may satisfy compliance requirements but often fall far short of today’s consumer expectations.

Quickcoms transforms and streamlines the development of multi-channel customer communications balancing CX with compliance. Efficiently create personalized communications that exceed consumer expectations. Produce more revenue from new and existing customers, ensure loyalty and gain a competitive advantage.

Create Effective Communications
Visually build effective communications using pre-approved content and digital assets. Quickcoms powerful editor makes managing text and graphics easier than ever before. Create new versions, build kits and proof simply and efficiently.

Make personalized communications available at all engagement touchpoints and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy. Empower front-line staff to quickly launch personalized messages using pre-approved content that ensures compliance.

Business Users In Control
Quickcoms supports complex business rules that can be utilized across campaigns, kits and communications. Business rules are centrally managed and custom workflow processes can be configured to handle their approvals.

Quickcoms provides intuitive methods for configuring campaigns, defining data structures, building business rules and testing the entire workflow before going live. The impact of changes can be viewed in real time prior to being released into production.

Rules are created and changed by business users in a no-code environment. Changes are automatically tracked, and detailed histories are maintained for auditors. Custom workflows are visually configured in a drag and drop environment to handle approvals. Older communications are archived to comply with data retention requirements.

Dashboards & Work Monitoring
Quickcoms dashboards provide easy access to critical data to ensure visibility to work in process enabling better decision making. Audit trails add accountability to business rules and processes.

Compliance managers can monitor changes made to forms, documents and kits and can also run live audits in real-time. Production managers can easily schedule track and monitor every job and the system provides 100% package and ship verification.

Scalable Platform & Fulfillment Services
Become more efficient, more compliant, and more relevant to customers – all while reducing IT costs. Quickcoms puts business users in control with a no-code environment for creating rules and workflows, eliminating the need to maintain expense IT and development staff to support Customer Communication Management (CCM).

Many regulated industries have peak periods of demand followed by extended periods of minimal demand. Quickcoms cloud architecture scales to meet demand.  Why pay for infrastructure that is only needed only for a portion of the year?

Quickcoms also integrates easily with third parties and maintains an extensive fulfillment network that can scale to meet peak periods of demand.

New releases are rolled-out on a scheduled cadence and all customers benefit from new features. The Quickcoms SaaS based architecture reduces cost and speeds time to market.

Security & Compliance
Quickcoms customers can define organizational hierarchies and create user roles, groups and privileges to manage access. Quickcoms provides security capabilities and services to increase control and privacy, including:

•     Network firewalls and web application firewalls that let you create private networks, and control access to your Customer Communication Management (CCM) instance
•     State-of-the-Art TLS encryption for data in transit across all services
•     Connectivity options that enable private, or dedicated, connections from your office or on-premises environment
•     Automatic encryption of all traffic global and regional networks

Quickcoms platform ensures all security patches are deployed in a timely manner. Availability is paramount in the cloud and Quickcoms infrastructure provides resilience in the face of DDoS attacks. Quickcoms also supports multiple single sign-on (SSO) implementations including SAML, LDAP and MS Active Directory.