Quill is a free literacy tool that helps K-12 students develop their writing skills. We currently feature two games focused on grammar and proofreading, and we are now developing games that engage students in critical thinking, synonym finding, and collaborative storytelling.

Each of our activities is built directly from the Common Core State Standards. To do this, we focus on a single standard, and break it down into lessons that can be completed in 10-15 minutes.

These games are integrated into our open source platform, which provides a marketplace for the learning activities and analytics reports for teachers. Our vision, as a non profit, open source organization, is make it possible for anyone to rapidly build and launch their own education apps. We want to support a thriving ecosystem of games and tools that help students learn any subject, built by an open source community of educators and developers.

We build web and mobile apps that provide engaging, game like learning experiences for students. We use technology to make students active players in their education. There are many educational tools which are simply passive learning experiences, where students watch videos and answer multiple choice questions. We actively engage students in the learning process by enabling them to write stories together, earn points, and receive instant feedback on their work.