Have you ever heard yourself say: “I really want to quit smoking but I enjoy it too much?”

We heard you too. That’s why we came up with our completely unique and natural... Smoking Sucks®.
An Easier Way to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Smoking Sucks are a new, smoking cessation lollipop especially developed by healthcare professionals for those who have decided to quit smoking the natural, nicotine-free and drug-free way.

Research has shown that the use of lollipops, such as Smoking Sucks, can help curb the oral and chemical habits associated with smoking. These lollipops are nicotine free, which encourage and assist the best way to quit smoking, cold turkey.
An Effective and Delicious Way to Quit Smoking

Not your typical lolly, our three delicious flavors, wintergreen, pineapple and cinnamon, will perk up your taste buds, soothe and relax your mind and freshen your breath. They also contain L-Tryptophan, widely believed to curb even the strongest nicotine cravings.

Best of all, because Smoking Sucks are nicotine-free, those pesky nicotine withdrawals are not merely put off to another day, they are dealt with as they arise, significantly improving the chances to quit smoking cold turkey.

The Oral Habit:

Smoking Sucks, can help curb the oral fixation associated with smoking. Just pop one of our delicious lollipops into your mouth and see how this healthy replacement will quickly help you forget about lighting up.

The Nicotine Habit:

Unlike most other smoking cessation products, Smoking Sucks do NOT contain nicotine. This is a good thing because while you are trying to quit, the last thing you need is even more of this very addictive, and very dangerous, chemical added to your body.

The stimulation/relaxation habit

In addition to L-tryptophan, we at Smoking Sucks know that in order to quit smoking successfully, you will need to stay calm.

But, did you know that cigarettes contain sugar and that these sugars have a way of calming your body? This may sound like a good thing but, while the sugars in cigarettes are not harmful like the tars and nicotine contained in tobacco smoke, these sugars are a major cause for further cigarette addiction.

That’s why we purposely decided to include sugars in our Smoking Sucks lollipops... but with a very healthy difference. Our sugars are all natural so they can help you stay calm naturally while you strive to keep the harsh chemicals contained in cigarette smoke from entering your body.

Try Smoking Sucks!
Quitting is a little sweeter,
and perhaps a bit easier,
than you think.