Quitgate is the leader in tobacco cessation products and services, including evidence-based counseling programs, nicotine replacement therapies, natural supplements, and on-going support. They serve thousands of individuals looking to quit tobacco for good and are instrumental in advocacy for legislative and policy change to save lives from tobacco use. The Company is instrumental in  building community knowledge about the damage caused by active and passive smoking and the benefits of not using tobacco.

Quitgate’s founder, Emmanuel Odiase, lost his maternal uncle to lung cancer in his youth and has dedicated his life to helping spare people the disastrous effects smoking has on individuals and their families. Using his experiences and knowledge,  Emmanuel has participated in fellowships that spanned over 20 countries in five continents and has received numerous awards, with local, national and international media recognition, including Time magazine.

Today, Quitqate’s unique combination of counseling, quit smoking aids, and ongoing support serves as the platform to save lives from the #1 preventable cause of death in the US. The Company is determined to take one child’s heartbreak and turn it into a positive force; one that is certain to impact all walks of life for many generations to come. Learn More: www.quitqate.com