Quiz Italia is the new quiz game about Italy and its beauty and traditions, created by devise, 100% Italian startup.
Thanks to Quiz Italia will test your knowledge about Italy in various fields: culture, traditions, food, lifestyle, landscapes and characters that represent Italy. The game, in fact, is addressed to all those people who love Italy: Italian now living abroad, who have Italian origins, or simply are italian lovers.
As you play, you will live a virtual tour answering questions with three possible answers, text or images.
Each level consists of 10 questions and if I were wrong answer, you can continue until you run out of lives left. At the end of certain levels, 10 - 30 - 55 - 78-100 and 106, you can take the certificate with the average score. Let your Italian out!
If you get 100% of the correct answers in the first 10 levels you can do for free download the App complete. Otherwise you will continue buying the other levels of the game.
The App game is in 7 languages - Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch.
Quiz Italia provides the users of paid services that allow you to have packages lives or more time available to respond. These services are not required it is essential for the purposes of the game.
Quiz Italia is a fun and useful idea, to find out the Italian in you!
Start playing to find out how much you're Italian!