Quiziversity is a mobile app that enables you to build your knowledge of a wide variety of subjects. It will help you learn smarter, prepare for your final exams faster, and have fun testing your knowledge with your friends.

Learn in your own unique way

Select from our catalog of courses. Train at your own pace. Rapidly move to the level that's right for you.

When you have completed a few lessons, take a test to get a sense of how you'll fare in a final exam. Re-do levels to achieve mastery.

Learning Through Mistakes

Users go from easy to difficult levels, making mistakes and learning from them. Newcomers are not scared because they start off at an easy level. More advanced learners will quickly get to their own level and play from there.

Play with friends. Learn with friends. What's the difference?

Pick one of your facebook friends who is also a Quiziversity user. Work together on a course at a level that's comfortable for both of you. You can even compete to see who can finish faster or get the highest score.