Quosphere is your integrated Advanced Analytics Solutions Provider. We work with you on your journey from Data Management to Visualizations and Predictive Analytics all the way to Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence possibilities. Our Chat Bots are already available for you to try for various use cases. We can help companies identify deep insights into how your consumers behave, measuring and drive sales and profitability, drive efficiency in operations & supply chain, marketing program effectiveness, monitor financial metrics and many more real business challenges, the idea is to get dirty with data to help solve real-world problems.

Quosphere brings together advanced technology, robust infrastructure, and a proven global delivery model to provide a wide range of IT services across industries to help solve real-world problems.
For more information, visit www.quosphere.com.

We recently won the “Qlik Innovation Award”, 2018 under the Solution, Technology category for its remarkable application of Qlik Services. Quosphere earned this prestigious award for innovation on Qlik platform for driving true self-service using a conversational approach and helping customers derive insights by extending the capabilities of the
platforms open API’s to build its custom solutions using BOTS and Alexa based voice-driven analytics backed by AI and machine learning.