Q Wealth Limited: your one-stop information source for rock-solid offshore asset protection, wealth creation, and international living and retiring. We aim to inform our members about unrestricted and flexible access to global investments, for example:

   *Currency trading and diversification
   *International real estate investing for pleasure and profit
   *Gold, Silver and other precious metals investments
   *Diamonds and gemstones as investments
   *Variable annuties and other Insurance Products

We empower our members with the know-how and the nuts and bolts necessary to keep your affairs private, preserve your wealth, and let it blossom in a secure environment away from taxation and government interference!

What we do

There are many things successful people need to think about, that the mainstream media never tell us. But at QW, we don't like to dwell on the negative. We cover it from a point of view "here's what you need to be aware of and here's what you can do about it."

Our job is to give you reliable, trustworthy information - and access to contacts -that you simply wouldn't find elsewhere. All in a concise, enjoyable and friendly manner. How do we do this?

   *In every issue of The Q Wealth Report (our flagship membership based product - it's available through conventional mail for those who like something they can hold and keep referring to, and as a pdf download for those who value speed) you will find specific information, analysis and practical strategies that you can certainly apply specifically in your life and situation as it is right now, to preserve and create wealth.

   *Q Bytes is our online newsletter, which anyone can sign up to absolutely free, anonymously and without risk of being spammed. It doesn't provide the full insight of our paid for membership service, but it gives you a valuable chance to follow the ideas and information epitomised in The Q Wealth Report. It works in conjunction with our other internet products which include the blog, RSS feeds and our online members area.

   *Q Wealth Events are one-of-a-kind gatherings where you have the chance to put a face to, learn from and exchange ideas with the people who bring you the Q's insight in a semi-formal business situation... with plenty of free time to network with other like-minded, privacy loving individuals from around the world. They are usually held in international locations which themselves are full of opportunity. There is just nothing like the feeling of being around positive people on the same wavelength as you. A unique opportunity to create long term value and wealth through a learning experience.

   *Personal Service and Contacts have been a cornerstone of the Q since day one. When you join us, you are not just a number or an email address, even if you choose to stay anonymous in your communications with us for privacy reasons. To us, you are a very important person. For the small cost of a subscription, you get direct access to a unique network of highly experienced individuals, each professionals in their fields. Many of them are prepared to act as mentors and guides. The Q Wealth communications office serves as the clearing house for this service.

  Q Wealth Limited - Delivering Positive Solutions

Today Q Wealth Limited is incorporated in the Republic of Vanuatu (South Pacific) and maintains a secretariat in London, England. Q Wealth's registered office is at Level 2, Bougainville House, Port Vila, Vanuatu.

At Q Wealth, what counts is our service. We believe there's no point in just ranting about problems - our members need real, achievable and compliant solutions. Personal service and attention are cornerstones of our business. Despite our international scope and capabilities, Q Wealth Limited develops and delivers personal service, and values long-term relationships with our clients and business partners. That's why we call our clients members, not just readers. We know many of them individually and frequently meet up at events or on our travels. Many of our readers have been with us for ten years or more.

Q Wealth members are more like a big family benefitting from our huge network of contacts built up painstakingly over the past decade. We endeavour to answer all questions. If we don't know the answer, we will certainly know who does!

This legendary service is delivered in writing through The Q Wealth Report, in person at Q Wealth Events and through one-on-one communications via email and telephone. Members are entitled to ask as many questions as they like without charge. The only exception is that, for obvious reasons, as a publishing company we cannot offer specific legal or investment advice. But we can certainly refer you through to reliable, intelligent and discreet professionals from Andorra to Zanzibar who have passed our strict due diligence.