About Qwiip
You’ve most likely heard it said that getting information from the Internet is like drinking from a fire hydrant – too much, too fast. What we do here at Qwiip is to help manage the flow of information through custom community channels, giving users the best information possible in an easy-to-use interface that is most relevant to their interest.

Our development team works with both open source and proprietary coding to deliver a best-in-class end-user experience – fun, focused, engaging and informative.

Qwiip’s Mission
Our mission is to bring you closer and keep you connected to your community by delivering the information that is most important to you in the shortest amount of time.

Finding not Searching
We know that most folks don’t want to be constantly online, but constantly connected with what is important to them. And that’s what Qwiip is all about, an always-on-always-connected technology.

Matchless Research/Knowing the Code
Working with industry experts, the Qwiip team has been able to identify a powerful and necessary shift in communication strategy. Understanding exactly what people what to know and when, sources of information they trust as well as those they don’t, as well as the key motivators to behavioral change enable Qwiip the insights to modify messaging for more meaningful communications that are capable of driving desired outcomes.

How We Help Out
The current economy has forced cuts in budgets, programs, endowments, charitable contributions and much more. Our goal at Qwiip is to help you and your company or organization offset some of the losses by developing new revenue streams. Your community is a sleeping asset, talk to us about how you can make that asset work for you.