We are Radiant RFID.  Our company mission is to create innovative yet practical ways to track, locate, and connect people and products using RFID technology. We are experienced specialist in the RFID industry offering a focused, consultative, and strategic approach to systems integration and solution development.  Our solutions deliver real time asset visibility and world-class performance to commercial markets and government agencies.  

Radiant RFID has a proud history of exceptional customer service and flawless delivery. Our core applications are powered by the RadiantOne™ platform – a highly scalable and flexible software architecture that delivers robust, business-class solutions.

Our growth has been accelerated through customer references which include Devon Energy, Coach America, the FBI, Texas Department of Public Safety and many other agencies and universities in Texas. Radiant RFID was a proud responder during hurricanes Gustav, Ike and Alex, where our Evacuation Management System, EVACCENTER, successfully evacuated, tracked, and located Americans with special needs. Our inventory tracking system includes tracking of assets within specified zones, fire safety inspection, email notification, and search functionality. We have integrated to DB2, Oracle, and many other databases.

Radiant RFID employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to automate the tracking and management of our customers assets. An RFID enabled asset management solution provides:

* An automated process to monitor, control and better manage assets
* Visibility of the location and status of assets
* An accurate, real-time physical asset inventory for better asset utilization
* Data in an asset management system that matches what is seen in reality
* Flexibility as You Grow

Radiant RFID is pleased to offer Virtual Asset Tracker, powered by the RadiantONE™ Platform.  Our solution is a comprehensive suite of tags, readers and software that automatically tracks and secures your corporate assets.  Virtual Asset Tracker allows users to better manage existing inventory, lower expenditures with fewer redundant purchases, and take less time to conduct a full inventory of assets.

Built upon real world asset tracking experience and valuable feedback from over a hundred implementations, Virtual Asset Tracker is the leading business-class solution for seamless RFID asset tracking.  Virtual Asset Tracker supports active, passive, and battery assisted passive RFID tags for a complete and robust technology solution.

Virtual Asset Tracker is a Windows Mobile based application for handheld devices and runs on SQL Server. The scalable architecture integrates with enterprise database programs and remains flexible to support multiple devices and device types with virtually unlimited number and types of assets being tracked.  

Virtual Asset Tracker includes robust reporting features including total inventory, missing inventory, exception and matching reporting.  Virtual Asset Tracker includes a web based interface that allows users to configure the data and presentation based on their own preferences and requirements.

Radiant RFID’s solutions are:
• Scalable – Track and manage an unlimited number of assets.  Our system will scale with your organization as it grows and needs change
• Hardware and platform independent – works with passive or active RFID tags, barcodes, GPS and sensor technologies from any manufacturer, and can process all of these technologies simultaneously
• Easily deployed – an “out of the box” asset tracking application that uploads existing data from and seamlessly integrates to existing applications
Ensures the most advanced identification, location and protection of your assets. By gaining a high level of automation, visibility and control of your critical assets, you’ll streamline your operations and add to your bottom line.
• Quickly locate critical equipment and avoid purchasing new, redundant assets
• Time and labor costs decrease with automation
• Simplified processes
• Physical inventories are accurate, timely and not disruptive
• Security improves when designated assets are kept out of certain areas or prevented from leaving the premises
• Historical and trend information on asset movements and usage
• Audits and follow-ups on missing items or assets can be greatly simplified
• Discovers, tracks and manages asset movements in real-time
• Uses all RFID, GPS, barcode or sensor based data collection brands
• Triggers user-defined alerts if designated assets are detected or moved
• Real-time physical inventory of your assets right from your desktop
• Accesses historical data for auditing purposes
• Integrates with Google Maps
• Provides customized and ad hoc reports on asset location, status and asset history
• Allows for remote monitoring of your assets and RFID infrastructure