Hello  my name is Rad Rager

This is my website.  I hope you enjoy.  In case you were wondering where I got the name from well here it is…

RAD – It’s a term created in the 80’s.  Lost some ground in the 90’s, but its still strong like bull today.  Which is why I like it.

RAGER – Sometimes its a term used to explain a rant and sometimes its a term used to explain a wild night on the town.

This is a website that puts a weird little twist on stuff that you may or may not hear about every day.  I write about videos, music, and topics that matter.   Sometimes I will tell a story about an experience from the past, and sometimes I write about a current news event.  Please know that what I consider news can be odd from time to time.  I’m a raised in the 90′s kind of guy with a very progressive nature.  You might dig my brand and you might hate my guts.  Either way this website is very entertaining.  just click around the menu and posts.  You will laugh and curse.  

Please know that I welcome your comments, discussions, and arguments.  I might post something offensive.  I DO intend to stereotype, marginalize, idealize, pasteurize, #hashtagize, or astroglidezzzz.  Obviously brain filters are frowned upon in my establishment.  Don’t hesitate to contact me for anything at all.  I want to hear from you and  your “isms”. (in a I couldn’t care less sort of way)