Sitar fusion with rock, jazz, pop, funk, country by Ashwin Batish. Indian Vocals by S.D. Batish and Meena Batish featuring classical North Indian and Carnatic ragas, geet thumri, ghazals, kritis, bhajan, and instrumental recitals featuring sitar, tabla, santoor, dholak, harmonium, violin etc. The Batish Institute was founded by Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish and his son Ashwin Batish for the purpose of teaching Indian music and arts. It is located in Santa Cruz, California, USA and has frequent classes on Indian music taught personally by Shri Ashwin Batish, Please visit our web pages to find out more about these activities.

S.D. Batish - www.sdbatish.com
Ashwin Batish - www.sitarpower.com
Meena Batish - www.batish.com/meena/
RagaNet Magazine: www.raganet.com
Ragmala Radio: www.ragmala.com

Our music is available through CDBaby (www.cdbaby.com), through Amazon.com and digitally via iTunes, Rhapsody, Sony Connect etc.
S.D. Batish - Vocals, Harmonium, Dilruba
Ashwin Batish - Sitar, Tabla, Dholak, Misc. Percussion
Meena Batish - Vocals, Khartal, Tanpura

Our music is not only dynamic but also diverse. Thanks to our teacher's over 85 years of study and practice in this discipline. Bhajans, Geet, Thumri, Khyal, Ghazal, Meditation, Raga Rock are all familiar and well researched traditions that we excel in. We are equally at home with entertaining as well as educating.

Record Label: Batish Records
Label Type: Independent
City: Santa Cruz
Hometown: California
Country: United States