Manufactures of rain repellent windshield coating treatments for motorcycles,auto's cctv domes, aircraft.
Longest lasting rain repellent windshield treatment Coating No Solvents Non-Flammable
G.E. Tested Rain Repellent Safe On Plastic And Glass Windshields.
Last for up to one year without reapplication.
Rainmagic is safe for Plexiglas and plastics
Rainmagic is the only rain repellent coating approved for Harley-Davidson windshields.
Use of rain repellents cut reaction time response time by 1 second.
Hydrophobic coatings to automotive windshields can substantially improve driver visual acuity and response time
Rainmagic rain repellent is recommended by Videolarm FDOT Transcore NY Thruway DOT Sony Raytheon for CCTV Domes .
Additionally, a driver’s response time to identify a small target was improved by 25 percent, from four seconds to three seconds. One second response time represents about 58 feet of travel distance at 40 miles per hour.