RAISE TWO is a street wear clothing brand inspired by art, music, tattoo culture, skateboarding, surfing and life's epic adventures.

RAISE TWO treats their customer like mates not paychecks. We design clothing for the people like us who share our lifestyle and mindset.

The name RAISE TWO comes from a gesture of defiance dating back to the Hundred Years’ War when French soldiers cut off the bow fingers of English archers. As a sign of defiance, the English archers would RAISE TWO fingers to say “screw you, come get ‘em.”

As a brand, RAISE TWO means to hold fast and never back down – stand your ground, hold true to who you are, and don’t take sh*t from nobody. RAISE TWO is defined by originality and staying true to who you are.

For more information visit www.RaiseTwo.com or visit Raise Two on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/RaiseTwo), Twitter (http://twitter.com/RaiseTwo) and Instagram (http://www.instagram.com/RaiseTwo).