rakEtBay.com: Newly launched website promotes online freelancing

PRESS RELEASE: rakEtBay.com aims to support Filipinos in earning through “rakets” online

This is a press release from rakEtBay.com

Manila, Philippines – “Raket" is an informal Filipino word meaning sideline. On Tuesday, May 5, rakEtBay.com was launched by CEO-founder Albert Huckster to encourage Filipinos to make money through gigs or micro jobs online.

rakEtBay.com features a variety of gig categories where a member can promote his skills and attract possible clients from all over the world through creating a job and setting his own price from $1 - $500 or hire someone to do a job for him.

rakEtBay.com also features direct connection between seller and his clients where they get to interact with each other directly as well as unique categories like meet up after order where a freelance model will do an open shoot at a particular location for the client.

In addition to this, rakEtBay.com uses a unique referral system where a one will get $.50 loaded to his account balance once approved by administrators for each referred unique member that signs up.

rakEtBay.com is a website that caters to the interests of those who envision a future that is mutually beneficial both for the site and its members.