RAKwireless is an industrial-leading connectivity provider that builds infrastructures and Modular Edge devices for IoT, Smart City, and Smart Agriculture markets with in-house developed solutions, utilizing LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) technologies.

There are tremendous amounts of "things" being deployed in cities and rural areas every day. Think about water meters, gas meters, oil tanks, street lights, parking lots, trash bins, smoke detectors and so on... Any of these applications weren't possible in the past, due to power supply- and infrastructure limitations. The advent of IoT has changed this, being energy-efficient and easily scalable. RAKwireless can help you to build and maintain these 'smart environments', enabling the REAL power from the Internet of Things!

RAKwireless helps organizations and individuals to build high-performance and energy-efficient solutions, by using RAKwireless’ innovative modular components and it's unified software interface (RUI). RAKwireless is committed to an “IoT Made Easy” philosophy, providing customers with cost-efficient and easy to use solutions that are developer tested and enterprise-ready.

How RAKwireless excels
•     From individuals and innovators to commercial enterprises, RAKwireless helps customers build the right environment for businesses of all shapes and sizes with its developer-tested products.
•     By using a modular design for IoT Edge devices, RAKwireless makes IoT easy to use and deploy.
•     Continuously providing customers with innovative, reliable, high-performance, scalable and energy-efficient IoT equipment and solutions

Long-term company goals
•     Focus on LPWA product development and testing.
•     Address both IoT Networking infrastructure and Edge device use cases.
•     Potential customers are IoT solution developers/integrators for the purpose of Smart City management and Agricultural automation.
•     Design modular IoT Edge devices to address high IoT’s complexity and minimize development and deployment times.
•     Enable a fast and easy prototype-to-production toolchain.

In building low-power, wide-area networks for the Internet of Things, we make IoT simple.