Online Form Fill-up Job. Clients will be given 3000 forms per set every month (24 days [for work] plus 6 days [for QC]) till the Clients TAT continues. The client has to simply type the whole matter in the software provided and it will be an 11 TAT  Periods, so the total forms will be 33000 per set in 11 months. As the calculation (optimum) goes one will have 3000 forms Per set for one month.

Working Guidelines: As the image will be given, one has to type as it is with the given guidelines during signup. No leading Or trailing spaces should be there nor there unnecessary extra spaces. One just has to type the data the way it has been given. Software will be in operation which will be provided by us and within which one has to log in with the login ID and code selected by the client at the time of registration. After the log in has been done, the spaces where the typing should take place will appear and you have to complete the job.

The clients can save their work progress by using the Save File link and when a file has been completed the client can save the file using Save and complete link. After all the files has been typed the client is required to submit the project by the Submit Project link. Once the project has been submitted the client cannot make any corrections to the submitted project. The client can check their project status and progress level online by logging into their account at  

The Client can apply for a minimum of 10 sets.

10 sets (Computers) = 1 Slot

1 TAT period = 24 working days

QC: initial level available online after submission of the daily workload

Final QC on monthly basis

Payout: Rs 8 per form inclusive of taxes (average characters per form is app 200 to 245)

Payment mode: bank draft, wire transfers, and RTGS

Payment interval: advance and monthly invoicing

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