June 29, 2016 - Rambler/Kassa, Russia’s leading online ticketing service provider of B2C and B2B solutions, affiliated to Rambler&Co Group, launches Live Tickets, a new digital ticket technology which completely transforms user experience of going to the movies. Now, moviegoers can avoid scanning and printing their tickets, all they need to do is show their smartphone at the entrance to the movie theater.
According to Andrew Ilitchev, Managing Partner of Rambler/Kassa: “Live Ticket Technology practically doesn’t have any analogues in the world. Today, it is the only technology of its kind which makes movie tickets completely virtual and secure. In the near future we’re not only planning to expand coverage, but in the pipeline we also have new interactive features such as geoverification and geoactivation, which will allow the ticket to come to life the moment the user arrives to their respectful movie theater, concession purchasing and in-theater delivery directly to your seat, and many other cool features, all of which are aimed at providing our end users the ultimate movie going experience.”
Each Live Ticket is currently equipped with three levels of anti-fraud security: unique code, animation and color scheme for each individual showtime. The controller at the movie theater verifies the ticket in accordance to all of these three parameters. But most importantly, each ticket is touch screen sensitive, which means that all of the animated features are triggered once you touch the screen on your mobile device.
Live Ticket Technology is already available in a number of Russia's leading cinema chains and by the end of the year it is expected to become the standard movie going experience in Russia. Early results already demonstrate significant demand among millennials and young adults from 20-30. Rambler/Kassa hopes that this new innovation will promote online ticketing in Russia and will attract new audiences to enjoy movies on the big screen in a market where there is ample room for growth in both attendance and box office.
Today, users can purchase Live Tickets inside the Rambler/Kassa mobile App available in both IOS and Android versions.