Punk Rock Children's Songs! A great way to transition children from traditional baby songs to music parents love!

The Ramonkees — Jimmy, Joey, Jerry and Phil — met while living at the Queens Zoo. Jimmy and Joey were in the same class together and bonded over their love of music. One day Jimmy and Joey were walking home from school and they found some older monkeys picking on Jerry. Jimmy and Joey did what anyone else would do and stood up to the bullies to protect Jerry. From that day on, Jimmy, Joey and Jerry became best friends.

About a year later, the trio formed a band, but soon realized that they needed a charismatic singer to lead them. They heard of a monkey named Phil, who was singing for another group called The Banana Splits. They invited Phil to their tree house and played some songs. Phil was so blown away, he quit The Banana Splits that day.

They came up with the name “Ramonkees” and started out performing live shows at hot dog stands around the zoo. At first, nobody was sure what to think because the sound was so unique, but eventually large crowds gathered to hear the boys play.

As popular as the band was, the Ramonkees had bigger plans: Travel the world playing music! So they hatched an elaborate plan to escape from the zoo, and now they are on the greatest adventure ever.