Raney’s is a growing ecommerce company based Ocala, FL. Everything started more than twenty years ago with the founding of Raney’s Truck Center. The service center is has been a staple of the truck business in Ocala and with the addition of the online market a lot of growth is on the horizon. The mission of the new website is to deliver hands-on customer service in an increasingly detached digital world. The company started with the launch of its first website www.raneystrucksparts.com late last year and has since grown from two to fifteen employees dedicated to online sales. The founder, Mark Raney, believes that

“By creating a customer service first model we will be able to achieve our financial goals while maintaining a positive and progressive image in the industry. We want our customers to make our websites their first stop whenever they are in need of truck and automotive accessories.”

The company strives to have a fun and energetic atmosphere. You’ll overhear last night’s football game being discussed or even talk about what the newest internet viral video is. Most of the employees bring decorations from home and personalize their office space; from pictures of their kids to sports memorabilia. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own unique sense of style with them to work. Unlike a lot of customer service representatives, Raney’s reps will stay on the phone with you until your problem is solved. There are no time quotas to meet and the reps are encouraged to follow up with customers. The biggest goal is to have dedicated employees and repeat customers.

If you need any more information about the business, or to schedule an interview, feel free to contact Jake Chak at 352-512-0836 or email at jakec@raneys.com