K-HART International Pty. Ltd. is a multi disciplinary company which provides health and engineering consultancy services and also helps with product development. Healthy Living in Healthy Homes is our motto. This is the right time to concentrate on our health as a top priority due to increasing morbidity and mortality rates. In the midst of recession every person is concerned about limiting expenses and saving.

People in the world now inclined to perform most of the day to day work by themselves to limit their expenses. For this purpose, people need a better health to withstand the extra work load. There is a major concern in Asthma and Asthma related allergy problems in day to day work. Asthma and Asthma related allergies are triggered by dust, dust mites’ feces, and pollens. As a greatest support to healthy living, we have introduced a series of Asthma and allergy preventive, chemical free, cost effective, unique products to ease your workload at home and to minimize your spending for allergy aid.