Rankdit , is the new video social network , where users will shoot a 10 sec. video about their talent , creativity , valuable moments , and trending topics in their countries to enter a daily contest with other users around the world to chooses the best video of the day and to announce the winner as the world new celebrity

Millions of people like you and me have amazing ideas , great talents to show, even an exciting product or service to sell , but still we don’t get the right exposure , and we have to waste thousands of dollars on promoting our work and creativity and wait sometimes years to be discovered
So Rankdit isn’t another video social network allow you to make a short video and just share it with friends and family , We are going in different direction , with Rankdit we are going to give each user the chance to be famous and get the publicity he\she deserves
by redesigning the main idea of how to connect people together and applying totally new concepts ,like the World wall, the Country Wall , leader board , User Ranking and the Hall of Fame, we will put users in an exciting  daily challenge to vote for trending videos in each country and choose one to be the world celebrity every 24 hours

Rankdit is fast , cool and energetic experience that take users around the world every day , in a 10 sec. video contest and let them vote who is the best to be the celebrity for the day and enter the Hall of FAME
for more information , you can check our website