To provide a cost-effective, safe and friendly one stop shop for community events: one that also provides a vital resource for our neighbors and friends.

Rapid City Exchange is a family-run business that’s firmly rooted in your local community. Everyone involved in Rapid City Exchange is passionate about making a real and lasting contribution to our neighborhood, enabling safe and convenient trading between local people.

● Rapid City Exchange is run by our family for our community.
● We aim to keep costs low so you can trade and communicate with ease.
● The entire team is 100 percent dedicated to making Rapid City Exchange the best classified ads website in the area.

Who’s behind the website?

Chris set up Rapid City Exchange to enable his local community to buy and sell goods and services safely. Chris prides himself on being dedicated to his community and runs Rapid City Exchange on a non-profit basis. Though the website is designed to be affordable for everyone, Chris is dedicated to running the site with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has a business-savvy mindset and a connection with his neighborhood: a connection which he wants to strengthen with Rapid City Exchange.