In 2012, after more than 10 years of product development we decided to move the majority of our business development resources to creating a professional 3D printer.   A printer that would be not only be affordable for the masses but set new standards in the design and technology.
The result is the Rapide 3D range of printers, scanners and drawing technology.   Rapide 3D printers not only set the highest standards in performance and technology, they bring never before available design and synergy to a still very tech orientated market place.

Our goal at Rapide 3D is to allow as many people as possible to step into the exciting world of rapid prototyping from their desktops at an affordable price point that will change the market in terms of quality and design.

Today, it is rare to be able to design a product, which can totally change how we see or use a technology, but Rapide 3D printers do just that by changing how you will perceive what 3D printing is and will be in the future.

Welcome to our world, a world where impossible is not an option and the future is only limited by our own imagination.