Insights Meta is a market research gamification agency. We develop games for research applications, and provide full service research for game companies. RapidPolls is a service of Insights Meta.


Sometimes, you just need an answer fast. You have specific questions for specific, hard-to-reach types of gamers, and you don’t have time to wait for panel suppliers, survey programmers, email campaigns, and data analysts.

RapidPolls combines all of these steps in the consumer research process into a single, integrated service. We can deliver up to 10 questions directly to the mobile devices of nearly 500,000 US gamers, of all shapes and sizes. From core HD console gamers, to mobile-exclusive gamers, to eSports fans that play collectible card games, to WiiU enthusiasts. Precisely target the types of gamers you want to hear from, without any survey programming or recruiting, and get back your results in a simple data dashboard.

RapidPolls conducts a weekly gaming industry poll on a variety of subjects, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive your Monday morning data juice.