RATA Associates, LLC was founded in 1987 with the primary goal of providing the financial services industry with a cost-effective software and service solution specifically designed to reduce the time, cost and compliance burdens associated with the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) and the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) reporting requirements.

RATA's first generation of software applications was programmed in DOS for HMDA compliance, providing our clients with tools to convert loan application data housed on mainframe computers to a format compatible with our desktop system, export address data to RATA for geocoding, apply the geocoding results, and finally, prepare and edit check the loan data in the formats required for submission to their supervisory agencies.

The industry quickly embraced RATA's HMDA software and our Compliance-grade™ service geocoding products. Our customer base grew, and RATA was soon recognized as the compliance industry's leading provider of software and outsourced geocoding services. The decade of the 90's brought more demanding reporting requirements for both CRA and HMDA and numerous advances in both computing and geocoding technologies. RATA kept abreast of these changes, updating our software to comply with the modified reporting requirements and fine-tuning our proprietary geocoding process by incorporating the technological advances available.

The new millennium brought new direction for RATA. In 2004, RATA migrated fifteen years of compliance and software knowledge to Microsoft’s .NET platform.  With the release of the Comply Suite of products RATA is now the technological leader in the compliance arena.  

RATA continues to build upon our strong foundation, enhancing our recognized industry-leading position as the premier provider of outsourced geocoding solutions while re-establishing our software dominance.