rat haus reality is an organization dedicated to providing an ever-expanding collection of critically essential, relevant, and significant writings, and beautiful, arresting images articulating alternative approaches of manifesting and nurturing a sustainable, life-affirming world for all Gaia's children. Our purpose is to also produce educational reference materials that bear witness to the life disintegrating dimensions of our man-made koyaanisqatsi. rathaus is the german word for city hall. Here the sense of city as community is blended with library, a gathering place where people can explore and illuminate the space we all share and live within.

The perceptional reality of the techno-logic human transition from an adolescent, "industrial-mind" value system, based only on asking the question, Is it possible? (to do whatever is being considered), to Gaia- sustaining and promoting practices and explorations which must ask the question, Is it appropriate?, is the only possible future of all human activity on our Grandmother Earth. Without taking responsibility for everything we participate in here, we condemn to premature termination the exquisite eons of life exploring itself in this dimension.