Location within the limits of the “smart city of Coimbatore” is one of the primary highlights of Rathinam Institutions. Rathinam is more than just a college. It is a new idea in education that takes the concept to a higher stratum. It’s an experience that no other educational institution in this category can offer. It’s about life in all its dimensions – Learning, Working and Living. What the college offers has an impact on all facets of life, to which learning is just one aspect. The college preempts what education in the future would be because any learning environment that exists in isolation, divorced from the reality of the world outside the campus, is bound to be stagnant. So the advantages that it offers are indeed enormous, with Project and in-house training at the IT Park and SEZ within the campus. Access to professionals, real time experience and better institution-industry interaction is facilitated by the proximity of the SEZ in the times to come. A group of institutes including engineering, management, arts & science and also the international school, aim to educate an individual from the very first stage of learning process and show him/her a path to pursue excellence and lead towards successful life.