Hustle Ward Entertainment is an artistic family, entertainment and media company committed to delivering creative content and providing a platform to inspire the relentless chase for greatness.  We continue to challenge each other and our partners to deliver on the promise of embodying the hustler spirit in all products and services that we provide. What started as a group of creative brothers coming together to push a movement and perfect the art of hustle we have evolved to specialize in music composition, event planning of all kinds, entertainment marketing, artist development and management and have a team of great artists, apparel & more. Our foundation stems from the unwavering legacy of a dream carried on through the spirit of the late Tony Logic and his inspiring Art of Hustle.  Hustle Ward to our team is the late, MC/songwriter, Tony Logic who was a victim of gun violence.  If it had not been for him we would not exist and we vowed since day one to never let his name die.  Hustle or Nothing.