Raveland's passion for electronic music was born after attending Tomorrowland Belgium 3 years in a row.

He recognized that he is meant to be part of the scene and not only a listener or a raver. In a very short period of time, he learned music production and DJing by the help of his brother, XABB, and his friends, EMAD, Farid and AJ El-gohary, and even started his own podcast "Rave The Future" which plays Progressive house, Big Room house, Future house and Trance music.

Raveland also released some original tunes on his SoundCloud page for free download to share his passion. He has recently created and introduced 3 new concepts which you can enjoy on his SoundCloud profile:

"United Rave": A set of mixes of Progressive house, Big Room house and Trance created back to back with his friend EMAD.

"Future VibeZ": A set of mixes of Future House and Future Bass music.

"Tranced": A set of mixes of different kinds of Trance music including Progressive, Uplifting and even Psytrance.

Signed to Universal Music, Raveland's main goal is to be one of the leading artists in the scene and make his "Way to Tomorrowland", which is also the name of one of his favorite tracks he produced earlier this year.


- Raveland was booked in Amman, Jordan to perform at “Meet The Real You” Seminar.

- Raveland has recently released his third official release “Exult” with Universal Music.

- Raveland has introduced "AWKND" nights at Tamanya Terrace, Radisson Blu, Dubai Media City.