Ray Davis lives in Louisburg, KS with his wife, April. They enjoy traveling, especially to their favorite spot on Earth—Hawaii. He is a writer, thinker, and speaker committed to helping people shift paradigms in ways that better their lives and better the planet.

Ray's journey in personal development began after he nearly died at 25. Seeking a better way, he studied personal development and the world's various spiritual traditions for the insight they could provide. In 2007, he founded The Affirmation Spot and was once dubbed "The Affirmation King of Twitter" by another motivational teacher. To this day, he still inspires more than 60,000 followers every day through a variety of niche Twitter accounts. In 2010, Ray released an eBook titled "The Power to Be You." The book contains 447 original daily quotes and affirmations.

Ray says, "I've tasted defeat and I've tasted victory. I believe those experiences gave me insight into how we can—individually and collectively—create a happier, more successful world. Every person on this planet deserves the opportunity to live to his or her highest potential. We're not there. Many of our current institutions work against human beings achieving that goal.

"Author Graham Hancock said, 'We are a species with amnesia.' I'm in 100% agreement with that assessment. In the absence of understanding about our origins and destiny, we have substituted dysfunctional paradigms. Until we wipe the sleep from our eyes and see the world anew, we will continue the cycle of want, war, top-down control that plagues our planet today.

"I'm writing the Anunnaki Awakening series, not because I have all the answers to these questions. I'm writing it because it is long past time for humanity to be asking these questions and having dialogue about them. Who are we really? Where did we really come from? Where are we really going? How do we fit into this vast cosmos? Who is God? The answers to these questions are deeper and more complex than our common narratives claim. And so The Awakening has begun."