RayEnone.ca is a specialist online retailer of trendy and bestselling baby products. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, RayEnone.ca has set out to become a leader in the baby care industry. www.rayenone.ca was founded in 2015 by Raymond Enone, a young entrepreneur who is on a mission to make parents happy. Our vision is to "empower parents with great baby products and services anytime, anyplace." Our mission is “to be a leader in the baby care industry through retail innovation, expertise, and by providing products and services to satisfy the needs of expectations of our stakeholders.” To stand out, we are providing an innovative online retail experience for our clients. Our innovation stems from the fact that we sell what parents want to buy. We list products that provide tremendous satisfaction for parents. We know parents are value-conscious and time-starved, so we provide a personalized service as well. Our long-term business strategy is to take this business globally to create jobs and create a better society in which parents raise children with joy. We will be targeting emerging markets in the future. As part of our corporate social responsibility plan, we will donation 0.1$ for each sale to the InnerCity Mission.