Raynetta Manees is a best-selling, award winning novelist.  Ms. Manees is the author of four digital books and six print books, all multicultural romance novels.  Her latest release, All For Love, has been on two Amazon.com Top 100 Best Sellers lists in Romance categories since its release May 14, 2013.  

Raynetta Manees is a communications expert and holds a BA in Mass Communications from Wayne State University.  Raynetta Manees has written numerous news articles and is an experienced actress, singer, and former on-air radio personality.  Ms. Manees has held a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broadcasting license since 1994.

Ms. Manees is an experience public speaker in creative writing, and literacy.  Raynetta Manees is also a literacy advocate.

Raynetta Manees currently has three ongoing projects.  She is editing and updating her print novel Fantasy for digital release in September, 2013.  Ms. Manees is additionally writing her seventh romance novel for print publication, as well as finishing her first non-fiction book, “My Alzheimer Diary” which documents the author’s experiences with testing for this tragic medical condition.