Rayon Lighting Group is dedicated to manufacturing energy efficient lighting fixtures to meet everyday demands in commercial, industrial and residential markets. Its primary focus is to introduce an array of specification grade lighting fixtures within the induction and LED marketplace. These fixtures are rated for outdoor usage and may be used for various indoor applications. Rayon Lighting Group provides innovative technology with durable fixtures to withstand harsh environments while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Rayon Lighting Group keeps the end user in mind during product development and manufacturing process. The product offering includes standard, custom, or modified fixtures. Its comprehensive product line will meet an extensive range of lighting projects while providing functional and aesthetically pleasing fixtures. In addition, Rayon Lighting Group understands that sometimes customers just want to keep the same feel and tone to their building. As such, Rayon Lighting Group provides retrofit kit solutions to meet these demands.

Rayon Lighting Group, in conjunction with its wholly owned subsidiary, Tech D Lighting, is committed to customer satisfaction. We strive to excel in this area by listening to our customers. We provide each customer the necessary tools to make their experience easier and more enjoyable.
Rayon Lighting Group has committed sales representatives who adhere to educate you and provide the care you need. They are ready to answer your questions to make sure you have the right product. Regardless if it is customer care you need for placing an order, product availability, technical assistance, product features, or maintenance a sales representative is ready to assist you. In addition to our field sales representatives, Rayon Lighting Group has an internal sales representative team and customer care personnel who are ready to assist you for your lighting project.