RAYSGEM is a young dynamic team with team members being in special TV industry for 8 years. We focus on developing better waterproof TV, mirror TV, kitchen TV and outdoor TV for the Elite and the Few. We provide more customized products and service for customers with bespoke requirements.

RAYSGEM TVs are specifically designed for all kinds of harsh environment and for wherever your imagination leads you. Whether you are a designer or a contractor, you can come to us for a stylish design product or a functional outdoor TV.

RAYSGEM’s MPS display technology is based on the cutting-edge display technology(Samsung/LG/SHARP) to get a 2nd development, mainly to fit RAYSGEM’s light control technology. Automatically adjust light and colour temperature on different panels, so when the TV’s turned off, the display area will be 100% invisible and when turned on, there’ll be a perfect HD display.

RAYSGEM firstly shone out with great brilliancy and explained the meaning of luxury. If the GEM represents quality, then the soul of which is definitely the RAY, which is reminding people of the true meaning of luxury.

Join us and invest your future.