Designer Ray Vincent Mann is French Royal. Ray shares the same paternal royal bloodline as King Henri IV and King Louis XVI of the Royal House of Bourbon of France. As a designer, Ray started his journey to find the very best marble in the world for his flagship design which he calls the 'LUX-ART BATH COLLECTION' Limited. His search took him around the world because he was determined to ensure that the quality of his handcrafted, hand painted, Lux Art Bath Collection bathtub designs, would be high and only limited to a certain group of people around the world who loved art, and the art of living well. Ray the designer chose a marble which is beautiful, pure and plentiful. It is comprised of 95% of marble which makes the quality of Ray's marble exceptional. This amount is hard to find in any other quarry in the world, and the quarry in this region has been a primary source of marble for 2,700 years. Designer Ray Vincent Mann has combined art and luxury into a world class interior home design for those who enjoy the art of luxury and the art of living well!!